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Uh...hey guys.

So I got my 2G 8GB iPod Touch just 3 days ago. My iPod Touch came with iOS 3.1.3 installed when I received it through the mail. I set everything up on my iTouch and used some of the available apps that I could use. My first experience with the apps have been quite fast and smooth, but when I synced my iTouch with my computer to add songs, I was prompted to update to 4.2.1, but did not do so. Instead, I took 8 hours of my time just to learn about the iTouch and found out about SHSH Blobs and iOS's and whatnot. *Instead of updating to 4.2.1, I updated from iOS 3.1.3 to 4.0.1 for some strange reason...Now whenever I load ANY kind of apps on 4.0.1, it takes *AT LEAST 8 seconds or more to load the app.* The slow performance is extremely frustrating, for I dislike slow performance. I mean, I would appreciate it if the app took at least 3 seconds to load, but 8 seconds is a bit too much. Is there any way I can make my apps load faster? Does iOS 4.2.1 make my apps load faster? I've perhaps tried everything that I could do to decrease the loading time of my apps, whether it's disabling wallpapers, freeing up memory, or ending processes. Help would be very appreciated.

Sorry if it seems a bit of a run-on.

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