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Hi all,
I have an issue dialing conference call numbers which include hash (#) signs from an outlook calendar appointment on my iphone 4 (on 4.2.1). The number is recognised by the iphone as a telephone number (it is blue and underligned) but when I tap and hold it and the phone asks me if I want to dial the number, nothing happens. Numbers without the # sign work fine. Has anyone experienced similar issues ?

I'm trying to include a conference call phone number including the PIN code and Hash key required after the PIN on appointments to make the dialing process a little easier.

For example include the following on a note in an appointment 180012345,,1234#
When you tap and hold the number in your appointment screen on the iphone, it gives you the option to call the number. When you choose it, nothing happens. Now try 180012345,,1234 without the hash, and you will see it works fine. The number is dialed, the phone pauses and enters the PIN 1234. Copying and pasting the string including the # character into the phone works fine.

This seems like a bug to me.

Iphone 4, iOS 4, Latest 4.2.1 update
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