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Hi all,
I have an issue dialing conference call numbers which include hash (#) signs from an outlook calendar appointment on my iphone 4 (on 4.2.1). The number is recognised by the iphone as a telephone number (it is blue and underligned) but when I tap and hold it and the phone asks me if I want to dial the number, nothing happens. Numbers without the # sign work fine. Has anyone experienced similar issues ?

I'm trying to include a conference call phone number including the PIN code and Hash key required after the PIN on appointments to make the dialing process a little easier.

For example include the following on a note in an appointment 180012345,,1234#
When you tap and hold the number in your appointment screen on the iphone, it gives you the option to call the number. When you choose it, nothing happens. Now try 180012345,,1234 without the hash, and you will see it works fine. The number is dialed, the phone pauses and enters the PIN 1234. Copying and pasting the string including the # character into the phone works fine.

This seems like a bug to me.

Iphone 4, iOS 4, Latest 4.2.1 update
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    Put a space after the phone number and before the first comma. It should work then.
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    This is a regression bug in iOS 4.2.1. It used to work regardless of whether the space was before or after the comma or neither and none of those work now. I also submitted the bug via the feedback page.

    I also requested, as I do after every iOS update, to support data detectors for phone numbers and addresses in the location field of calendar appointments (it works in the notes field) as well as blackberry extension dialing format e.g. 123-456-7890 x987654321#
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    Sorry, no go. The space after the number, before the first comma doesn't work either. The dialog box asking if you want to dial the number comes up but when you choose call, nothing happens.
  • adutchoz Level 1 (0 points)
    I agree with you totally that this is a bug. Why would you popup a question asking if you want to call a number and then when you choose to do so nothing happens ? Hopefully this will be fixed in the next update.

    I also agree that dialing from the location field would be a nice feature. Some conference call applications inserting calendar appointments into calendars use the location field to specify the dial-in details.
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    4.3 doesn't solve the issue
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    Same issue here. Added myself to the thread.
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    I'm running 4.3.3 and the following works for me


    If I put the number in the body of the calendar entry as 999.999.9999,99999 where the first 10 digits are the phone number, a comma for 2 second pause and the last x digits are the extension or conference call passcode.


    I have not figured out how to include a # or * in the dial string but luckily my bridgeline provider does not require it.


    If you know how to add the # or * please post


    Also if you know how to get it to work in the location field that would be great.

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    Hi,  to add # or + got to the contact, hit edit and in the bottom right corner there is a button with+*#.  hit that and hey presto yoiu can add a pause, wait, + and/or a #.


    I add a pause where the blackberry "x" would be with no spaces and it works

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    Thanks for the info on adding the hash to the dial string in the contact list. This is helpful but I'm really looking to add the hash to the end of the dial string that is embedded in an email or calendar invite body.



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    I gave this a try and was able to select the number and copy it to the phone keypad.  This worked like a champ.  What doesn't work is just tapping on the number in the email and selecting call.  Tried it with a single tap and with holding it for a context popup.  Neither worked.

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    I was very frustrated by this scenario when I first got my iPhone, so I wrote an app to make it easier to dial conference calls from a calendar entry. It is called ApptDialer ( and is available in the AppStore.  It will query your calendar and pattern match for phone numbers and conference codes, even in the location field that is often used. The *# dialing is a bug in the OS, IMO.  I opened a case with Apple almost a year ago, but they haven't changed anything yet. I think they are worried about programmatic dialing for security reasons or something. As pointed out above though, it will work if you dial from Contacts [ apparently Apple has access to less restrictive API's :)  ].  So I put in a workaround in ApptDialer.  Once you select the number(s) you want to dial, I programmatically store it in a contact called ApptDialer.  If you save that contact as a favorite in your phone app, you can flip right over and dial the whole thing # and all. It requires one extra step than should be necessary, but it was the best solution I could come up with until Apple fixes the API.


    Hope that helps!

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    This only works if you own the invite.  If someone else sends you an invite (which in the corporate world happens every day) than you cannot edit the invite.  How do you copy and past a blackberry formatted number in the location field if you do not own the invite?


    I hope that iOS 5 solves this horrendous user experience.  Can anyone comment on whether this behavior, or lack of behavior, will be changed in iOS 5?

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    In Outlook after you accept the invite you can edit/save the change to this item in your caledar which will then sync.

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    Thanks BillinJax.  I've figured that out.  But what if you are on the road and someone send you an invite ,say while in the car or at the airport or at a customer site, and you cannot edit the invite in a timely fashion on your laptop?


    Your suggested method works fine if:


    1. You have the meeting invite ahead of time

    2. You are diligent about editing all invites you recieve


    Hoping that some fixes/advances comes out with iOS 5.

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