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i have a small project less than 3 minutes long consisting entirely of pictures and transitions and music track (no video clips). everything was working fine till this morning. now anytime i add pictures to the project, their thumbnails appear correctly in project view but the wrong image is displayed in the movie itself. (the picture imovie displays is from a picture somewhere else already in the project. this happens no matter which pictures i add and no matter where i add them. tried restarting the mac, duplicating the project and editing the duplicate, all same result. when i create a completely new project, the images display fine. but adding to this specific project, none of the added images display their own image (except in project view), they are always displaying another picture's image (where that other picture was already in the project).

i imagine something is corrupt but i don't know what. if the project is corrupt, are there any steps to go about "uncorrupting" it? i really don't want to have to recreate the project all over again.


MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.5)
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