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When I charge my iPhone4 at night, the screen becomes nearly impossible to use. It will select things no where near where I am touching and makes swiping impossible. Doing some tests I concluded it was the charging cube. When not plugged into that cube all works perfectly. I received it from Amazon when I purchased a long charging cable. It has a green dot, whatever that means. Anyone else having this issue or know why this happens?

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    Erratic screen behavior when plugged in uncommon but not unheard of. Try restoring your device in Itunes as new (backup your data first). After restoring as new, try to plug your Ipod in again. If the issue persists call apple tech support or make an appointment at a retail store.
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    It's likely being caused by the cable you purchased from Amazon, which is clearly not an Apple cable. The simplest recommendation is to NOT use the cable. Instead use the charging cable supplied by Apple with your phone. If you still have issues with your screen using the Apple cable, try a full restore, but I'm betting not using the Amazon cable will solve the problem.
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    It is only Erratic when using the non-Apple power cube. Nothing else seems to cause this trouble.
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    As stated in my post, I did a lot of experimenting and found that only the power cube caused the problem. I had already figured the problem device, I am curious why it causes this problem?
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    Well for what it's worth, when I used the official Apple power cube it works perfectly. I am guessing either the voltage or current regulation is incorrect or there is a incorrect connection within the cube. I will close this out so anyone else with the same issue may more quickly reduce the problem.

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    I'm having the same issue. I'm pretty sure I've seen it using the original charger too. I wonder if it's something that Apple could fix, since I've seen it in both my iPhones I ordered before Christmas.
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    But will it cause any further damage to the ipod touch/iphone if we continue to use that charger that causes the erratic screen behaviour?
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    My iPhone 4GSM does the exact same thing whilst on charge. I am using apple factory charge cube and charge cable, and it still continues to do this. While texting, it will jump to the edit/delete screen, while in-app it will toggle the screen up/down furiously.. And the only other thing I noticed is that if you hold your finger still on one spot, the screen will "tremble" for lack of better words. It is most annoying as I have tried various charge cables and cubes.. Ironically it doesn't do it all the time, just sometimes. If it is an apple hardware or software issue, it needs to be addressed, especially considered the prices we pay for their superior devices.