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I purchased a new Apple TV for my parents. I first set it up and tested it on my home TV (at 42" LG LCD TV) and all worked fine. So, I gave it to my parents and set it up on their home TV (a 32" LG LCD TV). As soon as they try and play rented content from iTunes store or Netflix, they get an error that says "This content requires HDCP for playback" and the video won't play. So, I brought the Apple TV back home, updated the software on the ATV and tried it again on my TV — again, no issues playing content. So, I brought it back to my parents, thus time with the same HDMI cable I was using at home, but again, I get the HDCP error and the video won't play. Tried three different HDMI cables and many of the suggestions found online to get things working, but nothing. For the records, the TV that won't work is an LG 32" LCD TV, model number 32LH30-UA. Anyone else have this model and having these issues?

Right now, my only solution is to give them my old Apple TV (gen1) in exchange for the new Apple TV (gen2) since the older Apple TV had component connections, so they can at least use that get around the HDCP bug for iTunes rentals (though, they'll be out of luck for Netflix since Apple abandoned older Apple TV users on that one).

Honestly, this is very frustrating. Once again, all these copyright protection "schemes" end up screwing the legit customer. If this doesn't get sorted out, then it's time to provide alternate, copyright protection-free content to my (and their) Apple TVs via the torrent of options available out there...


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