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Today I tried to drag a few mp3s from a folder on my computer into iTunes, but it won't work. I've tried other copying mp3's from different folders & drives on my computer but none will work. I have been using this method to import my music into iTunes for years, so I am completely baffled why it suddenly no longer works. Any advice would be appreciated.

PC, Windows 7
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    Find one of the problem files in its folder. Right-click it and choose Open With > iTunes.

    If the file is compatible, it will be added to the library (and start playing!).

    If nothing happens, that means the file is not compatible, in which case, try playing it in another player such as Windows Media Player. If an MP3 plays in WMP but not in iTunes, treat it with a 3rd party tag cleanup program such as MP3val. Then add to iTunes.
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    cgphoto2, I had the same issue today - and that is my preferred method of importing music into iTunes as well. I first noticed that I couldn't import artwork into mp3s, and then that I couldn't import individual mp3s into iTunes.

    The properties of the iTunes Music folder showed it was partially Read-only. I unchecked that box, but it didn't solve the issue. I then unchecked it for the iTunes folder itself, but no go. After rebooting, however, the problem has disappeared.

    In Windows 7, I believe, like in Vista, the iTunes library is located here:

    If anyone tries this, remember to reboot.

    Note: incidentally, this comes the day after iTunes decided (after a two month hiatus) to allow me to update my hundreds of apps. The only other thing that happened in the interim was I installed AdAware.

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