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Hi all,

I know a similar question has been asked but I am "bumping" this as it's very annoying at the least. We went from a 1 iphone house to a 3 iphone house. My husband's is a work iphone and so he uses a different apple ID for his phone. My settings in MY iphone are all correct for my itunes account, in fact, I've never even accidentally synched my phone to his account. But now all of the sudden for no reason HIS apple ID is showing up ONLY WHEN YOU LOG IN TO UPDATE YOUR APPS.
This is very strange. I've only had my phone for 2 weeks, so I am thinking of calling support, but is there a fix? I've hard restarted the phone, synched to my computer (logged in to MY apple ID) and it is still happening.

This is not acceptable. Plus DD is getting an itunes gift card for xmas so I will probably have yet ANOTHER apple ID to deal with I don't want to load it onto my account because I'll spend it : )

Has anyone dealt with Apple on this issue?


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    If you try to update your app and his ID appear, it means you use his account to download the app orginially.
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    This morning, I attempted to update 14 applications on my iPhone. When I selected "Update All" I was prompted for my password, not realizing a User ID other than mine was appearing. Of course I kept getting the message that my User ID was incorrect. As suggested below, I went to settings, then Store, and logged out, then logged in again using my Apple ID and password. Nonetheless, when I go to the App Store and attempt to update the apps, the other Apple ID continues to appear, not my own.

    I have never synced my phone on any other computer than my own, so that is not the reason this happening, and I have only used my own Apple ID to make purchases.

    Any other ideas or fixes?
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    Nope, I downloaded shazam (free app) on my phone first, then I downloaded it on his phone. I knew this was an issue and I made sure i was not logged in when I was synching my phone.