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We use Exchange at work and I have an Iphone. I'm going to be abroad on holiday and I would like to know if it's possible to turn off the automatic download of attachments on email so that I don't end up with a large bill!! (I get lots of large attachments as part of my job).

I cannot find how to do this - can anyone help? Thanks.

iPhone, iPhone OS 3.1.3
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    There is no such option/setting on the iPhone. Whether you can view the attachment has more to do with your connection, WiFi or cellular, and the size of the attachment or the overall size of all attachments if more than one attachment is included. There will be a paperclip indicating the message includes an attachment regardless if downloaded with the message or not. When connected to the cellular network, if an attachment is below a designated size the attachment will be downloaded automatically. If over a certain size, you must select the attached file icon in the body of the message to download the attachment. I'm unaware of what the size of an attachment is that determines this automatically(varies by provider), but there is no setting available on the iPhone for this or to prevent an attachment from being downloaded at all.
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    Thanks for your help! I guess I'm just going to have to be careful what I click on...
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    You're welcome.

    Make sure you're on WiFi when checking your mail.
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    is this the only answer? use wifi? what happens when you are not near a hotspot? for let's say *all day* - no emails? that doesn't seem like really good idea - there has to be a real answer to this.

    what do other iphone world travelers do for email?

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    If you don't want ANY data roaming charges or you want to keep data roaming charges to a minimum, use wi-fi for internet access. Other than that, the additional real answer to this was already provided - as real as it gets with the 2nd post in this thread.
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    ok, that really isn't what i was looking for. i don't mind roaming data charges, i already have that set on for my acct. the issue is that the iPhone data hog w d/l email attachments. in my business those can be almost 100mb a day. is doesn't take long to blow thru 200mb / month. all i want to do is to stop the hog from d/l'ing the attachments.

    does anybody else travel int'l that uses an iphone and recvs email? or is that why is see most use a blackberry?

    wifi really isn't a solution -
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    any international travelers here that have had a thousand $$$ bill b/c the iPhone is a data hog?
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    Hi Mike,


    We used Nokia phones before and there we could even limit the size of incomming emails (the body of the message) to x kb. For attachments, only the name of the attachment was shown. Clicking in the attachment would start the download.


    Now we are starting with iPones..... and yes we have the same problem you have !


    This morning at 8am my colleague flew to Denmark at 11am he called, he received a text message

    from our Dutch provider (KPN) that his data usage is at 50 Euro and that unless he sends a text message

    back his data will be blocked.

    So in say 2 hours he used 50 Euros of data !!


    With my Nokia E72 I travelled to Austria this winter and in 9 days !

    with the setting only 2kb of text from each email to be downloaded and no attachments

    I did NOT reach the 50 Euro "limit"



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    I had the same question - I guess I have the answer - go back to my Blackberry.

    Just shows that the iphone is not an Enterprise-ready device. Sorry Apple - I will remain loyal with all my other Apple products but my ihpone will go as soon as possible.