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Before I recently upgraded too osx 10.6.5 and itunes 10.1 I had no problems syncronizing my ipod (6th generation) with itunes. Immediatly after doing it my problem started. Strangely enough my iPhone shows up and syncronizes, and if I connect my same ipod nano to my other computer (macbook) the ipod nano shows up in itunes. My iPod nano is recognized in finder.

I have tried to follow different troubleshooting-instructions given by apple (http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1410). I have tried resetting the ipod, reinstalled itunes, restarting the computer, downgrading itunes (didnt work because of library was in 10.1), switching usb port and using differant cable. I have also tried to connect another iPod nano (6th generation) to my computer, but it does not show up - just like my own.

My computer is a Mac Pro, but it think is strange that it should have anything to do with this, when it worked before - and it is only a problem for ipod nano a and not iphone. I have all software upgrades neseccary.

After hours of troubleshooting I now hope any of you guys have any help to offer me. I would appreciate very much!

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.5)
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    SAME problem!! Just now, I tried to update my 6th generation small blue square nano with a Mac OsX (I don't know the model of the computer but its old, from 2004). All my songs are on this old computer on itunes 9. I can't upgrade to itunes 10.1 because it says the computer is too old and you need a later version of Mac OSX to get itunes 10. I need itunes 10 in order to sync my ipod.
    Now what am I supposed to do?

    sorry this wasn't much help
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    It does not sound like being the same problem. In the system requirements for the iPod nano is says that you have to have computer that supports itunes 10.1. So unless you dont buy a new mac, you cant sync your ipod nano.

    The problem that I have is that I have alle the newest updates of both osx, itunes and ipod, but my nano wont show in "devices" on itunes. It seems to be a quite usual problem, but the issue is that the normal troubleshooting does not work.
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    Dear torkildsen,
    Please obtain the solution to the matter at the below.
    1. Reset your iPod.
    2. Retry with a different USB or FireWire port. (To verify whether your iPod syncs via FireWire or USB, see the table in the Additional Information section below.)
    3. Restart your computer and make sure you have the latest software updates installed.
    4. Remove iTunes from your /Applications folder. Then reinstall the latest version of iTunes software.
    5. Restore your iPod using another Mac that is able to recognize it. See “Updating and Restoring iPod Software” in the user's guide.

    Or you can use other backup software to transfer iPod contents to iTunes or computer. Follow this reviews about [how to transfer music/videos/photos from iPod/iPhone to Mac?|http://www.softwarebbs.com/wiki/IPod/iPhone/iPadTo_Computer_Transfer_%26_Backup_SoftwareReviews] It includes the transferring of music, photos, videos, SMS, Contact ect. between iPod/iPhone/iPad and computer(PC or Mac).
    Have a good luck.
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    Just a small correction. You cannot use firewire with the 6th Gen nano. If you have a cable that will plug into your nano on one and and into a firewire port on the other, you are using the wrong cable and the device will not work.

    For the original poster, make sure you are using the cable that came with the nano. Connect it directly to a USB port (not via a hub). You can also try holding down the sleep and volume down buttons while it is connected to your computer. Keep holding down the buttons till itunes opens.

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    I am having this same problem only difference is i am using Windows Vista computer. Does anyone know how to fix it?? The "HELP" sections are not helpful as I have been on here for hours and installed and re-installed and upgraded and still no luck. Can someone help with this PLEASE???
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    There’s another way to reset your iPod however. First shut down your iPod and remove the cable from your mac or pc. Then press the select button (the one in the middle) and the menu button (make sure you press it right) for about 10 seconds. If you’ve done this correctly you’ll see the white apple logo on an otherwise black screen immediately afterwards.
    Connect your iPod as normal and it should be recognized again…
    Moreover you can refer this article about [how to transfer or backup iPod contents to Mac|http://www.softwarebbs.com/wiki/Howto_transfer_or_backup_iPod_contents_toMac].