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I have a 100mg encrypted Sparse Disk Image Bundle that I am trying to resize in disk utility. When I tell disk utility to resize I have to put in my password and then I can set the new size. Problem is that the resize does not take. In other words I cannot make the Sparse Disk Image Bundle larger. I am thinking that this may be caused by the encryption. Any ideas short of creating a new larger Sparse Disk Image Bundle and copying the files over?


Steevbe H

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.5)
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    You may have successfully increased the sparsebundle's potential capacity while failing to resize the contained partition. That seems to be what happened when I tried this myself. A resized sparsebundle containing the same files would not occupy much more space on disk than it did before.

    *Provided you have a backup*, you could try the following:
    Remount the image, then run Disk Utility and select the .sparsebundle (non-indented icon) in the left pane. Click on the Partition tab, and then see if you can pull down the lower right corner of the disk image partition to increase its size. If you can, then drag it to the bottom and click Apply.

    Again don't try this without a backup. It may not be worth doing in any event - it's easy enough just to make a new, bigger sparsebundle and copy your stuff over.
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    I tried your first suggestion but that got me nowhere. I then did what you suggested about creating a new image and copying the files over. Some day if i really get bored, I may try to find out what the real issue with this is.

    Steve H
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    See #A8 in [Time Machine - Troubleshooting|http://web.me.com/pondini/Time_Machine/Troubleshooting.html] (or use the link in *User Tips* at the top of the +Time Machine+ forum).
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    Resizing the inner partition of a Sparse image or bundle with Disk Utility is a pain. Sometimes
    it works, sometimes it fails to do anything.

    iPartition does it effortlessly though.
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    Thanks Pondini. That section with the pictures showed me what I was doing wrong.

    Steve H
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    KJK555, I will take a look at this utility. I occasionally have to make the total size larger as the stuff I keep inside keeps growing. While I prefer to use the OS tools to make changes to the OS, sometime you have to look outside.

    Steve H
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    Hi Steve:
    I have been using iPartition since around april 2007 (ver 1.5.7., it's at ver 3.3.1 now).

    Everything Disk utility can't do (or requires the command line to do), it can do.
    Resize partitions on the fly (shrink or expand), rebuild GPT (Guid) tables. Create, resize,
    make bootable, msdos (boot camp) partitions (without bootcamp). Make partitions visible
    or invisible to windows, format fat12,16,32, ntfs, etc. That's just for starters.