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When I create a movie with a Voiceover, export to GarageBand to add a music track, and then send it to iTunes, the music track doesn't play (though the Voiceover is fine). Likewise, if I send it to disk in "Full Quality" mode, iTunes still cannot play the audio track from that file (but QuickTime Player can).

If I do not add a Voiceover in iMovies, then the music tracks in GarageBand make it to iTunes just fine.

Had anyone else seen this problem when adding a Voiceover and then passing it through GarageBand, or do I have something wrong with my system?

Using iLife 11 and and iTunes 10.1.1

----- (Details) -----

*_In iMovie:_*
o I created a movie (just slides) and added a Voiceover.
o I export using Share->Export Movie... (and select at Medium (640x360)
(saved as ExportTest.m4v)

*_In GarageBand_*
o I create a new Movie project
o I drag ExportTest.m4v onto Movie Track
o I add a music loop
o I export using Share->Send Movie to iTunes

*_In iTunes_*
o When I play the video the music track is missing.

*_Additional observations:_*
o If in GarageBand I Share->Export to Disk... at "Full Quality" and then load that .mov file into iTunes, there still is no music track. However, QuickTime Player has no problems with it (music track is there).

o If in GarageBand I Share->Export to Disk... and select "Expert", then that .mov file can play just fine in iTunes.

o If I do not add a Voiceover in iMovie, then the Music track seems to work fine in iTunes. In other words, it is the combination of a Voiceover in iMovie and a music track in GarageBand that causes the problem.

o For the movies that iTunes cannot play the music track correctly for, other conversion tools (e.g., Video2SWF) also fail to handle the music track correctly.

MacPro1,1, Mac OS X (10.6.5)
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    Hi .. Yes! It's been driving me bonkers. I imported a movie (.avi) into GB ('11), added a soundtrack and deleted the original soundtrack. Plays fine in GB. Exported to iTunes and it plays the original soundtrack only.
    I finally worked out that I could export to disk as a movie and it plays fine (in Quicktime).
    However, if I drag the desktop version into iTunes, it still plays the original.
    Something really odd about iTunes .. I checked it referred to the correct folder and file name, everything.
    It seems to be playing the original version EVEN even though I deleted that from the iTunes 'Movies' list :-/
    Thinking it was a GB issue, I tried again with an older version of GB (iLife '09) and had the same issue; I haven't upgraded iTunes yet so maybe the new (iLife '11) release of that will behave better?
    Regards ..