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I have had an ipad for about 2months and had it synced to my windows PC. The PC recently died due to hard drive and display issues so i bought a new Imac 21.5" Led Widescreen Computer. I transferred my pictures thru iphoto very easily. And itunes synced and backed up my music without a hitch. But how do i transfer my apps and videos from my ipad to the new Imac. I authorized the Imac and tried to sync the apps and video and i keep getting a message that i have to format the ipad. I don't want to lose my apps or videos (kids shows and movies for travel). Any help would be much appreciated.Thanks

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    You need to authorize the computer from the Store menu in iTunes and then use the Transfer Purchases command in the File menu.

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    Great help, thanks for the tip about File and Transfer Purchased Apps-saved me a lot of pain !

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    Authorized your pc or mac so the apps/games you purchased will be transferred to your pc/mac via itunes then afterwards sync your iPhone to that pc/mac.

    Besides, iPad user can refer this article about how to transfer iPad purchased files on iPad to Mac, which will tell you an easy guide to transfer iPad apps to iMac easily.

    Hope it help you a favor.

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    But that is a sales pitch for another product. It should not be necessaryto spend more when it is supposed to be possible without additional expense. I have a similar query that disappeared, and my problem still exists. Only difference is, I purchased two apps from my iMac and want to transfer them to the iPad. Synching has been done and I am signed in on the iPad with the same Apple id.