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My iPhoto '09 automatically points to the US site for printing books. I would like to get it to use the UK site and have delivery in the UK. How do I change the settings to achieve this?


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    You can't. You can only print in the same country that the credit card was issued in.

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    Then if I change the credit card to another country on a new account will it log into that country?
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    It should. You don't need to create a new account. Just change your online account information that's used with the 1-Click buying in your current account and that should get you to a UK print site so you can ship to a UK address.

    However, I may have been wrong in my first response. In the iPhoto 08 Order and Printing Options the following is stated about European orders:

    +Customers with a billing address in Europe can have their orders shipped to any European country where iPhoto Internet services are available. To see a list of countries where Internet services are available, see Related Topics below.+

    I should imagine that hasn't changed with newer version of iPhoto. The original document is Which regions and countries print products can be shipped to.

    Don't know if you have time to contact Apple at http://www.apple.com/support/photoservices/contact_us/ to see about your German credit card.
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    Thanks. That worked. I created another @me.com account with a UK address and credit card and used that when signing into one-Click from iPhoto.