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I want to buy the Iphone 4 this week so I thought some of you who already have it can help me out with my questions.. How many movies can you download let's just say its hd, aprox how many games can you download. I like watching movies but I wouldnt want more then say 10 movies stored on my iphone. would a 32 be good for me or 16 but i do like to play lots of video games. thanks

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  • wjosten Level 10 Level 10
    Look at it this way, there is no way to increase your storage capacity if you run out of space with the 16GB model. The price difference is what...$100...figure a two year service life...$100 divided by 24 months = $4.17.
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    I have always had the 16gb whether it was my 3GS or my new iPhone 4 and I have 1623 songs, a few HD movies like Avatar, and over a thousand pictures. IMO the 16GB is plenty enough space. Then again like the previous poster said, if you have the money and can afford the extra hundred bucks go for it.
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    A two-hour movie runs 1.0-1.5 GB. Apps there's no way to estimate, as they can range from very tiny to very large (one game just announced is reported to be over 1GB).

    As the others have said, unless you're on a very tight budget, get the larger capacity. You may not use it, but if you do indeed want to have around 10 movies in your iPhone, it would be quite easy to run out of space in a 16GB iPhone.

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    I want to know if the iphone 4 & iphone 4g are the same??

    I've searched for the iphone 4g on this site but there's only the iphone 4.
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    There is no such thing as an "iphone 4g"