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In our house we have an iMac with two user accounts on it - my account and my wife's. We have separate iTunes accounts, and share music between them. We have recently bought an iPad, which is synced to my iTunes account. However it's a shared machine so we would ideally like to be able to access both iTunes libraries from it. Is this possible, and if so how do we go about it without having to merge our music collections together (something we'd rather not do, as we have different tastes)?

I know iPads aren't ideal for multiple users, but surely there's a way to do this?


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    The iPad can only sync to one iTunes account. You could download one of the many cloud apps that will allow you to stream music from the other iTunes account.
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    Mmm, that is an option, but I was hoping there'd be some way so it wouldn't need cloud storage or streaming.

    I wonder if it'd be possible to export all the songs from one iTunes into a folder and sync that with VLC?
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    Actually, turns out you can just load music from two iTunes accounts onto one iPad. Just make sure both accounts are authorised to share the music, set the iPad to manually manage music, then select it all and drag it onto the iPad in the sidebar in iTunes. Eject the iPad, shut down iTunes and switch users. Plug the iPad in again, open iTunes for the second user and repeat.
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    Se descargan aplicaciones para mi iPad 64 3G, las cuales en el momento de sincronizar no pasan a la iPad debido a que solicita una autorizacion para el ordenador la cual se autoriza con ID y el Password, esta orden se procesa y vuelve a solicitar nuevamente la autorizacion y asi sucesivamente.

    He intentado creando nuevas cuentas y desinstalando iTunes y volviendolo a instalar.

    Favor de orientarme en la solucion adecuada para el asunto comentado anteriormente.
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    The iPad can only sync to one iTunes account

    Actually, iPads do not sync with iTunes accounts. They sync with iTunes ilbraries.
    And you can have many iTunes accounts in one library.
    I believe you can put purchased items from 5 iTunes accounts onto one iDevice.