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Jerome Colas Level 2 (220 points)
I'd just like to share my success in restoring functionality of my Airport Express (802.11n), which had gone crazy after ca.18months of uninterrupted good service: Throughput suddenly became miserable a week ago and airplay to the audio jack of the base station or a connected Apple TV became unusable.

After reading some posts here about various issues with Airport Express (802.11 n), I came to think that the simple solution that worked for me might work for others too.

It is just a factory reset of the Airport Express base station.
In more details:
- Open Airport Utility
- Open your Airport Express Base Station in Airport Utility
- Export your profiles from the File menu
- Restore default settings from the Base Station menu
- Connect to your Airport Express Base Station (which now appears as AppleNetworkxxxx)
- Restore your profiles from the File menu

Your Airport Express Base Station should be working normally again.
At least mine did.
Which is good enough for me until Apple issues a fix.

Please tell me if this helps!


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