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BassoTim Level 1 Level 1
I want to extend my wireless network in my house. The iMac is connected directly to the FIOS modem and I want to run another ethernet cable from that modem to an AirPort Extreme (which would connect to an external hard drive in another room).

For some reason the AirPort Utility is not recognizing the AirPort Extreme even though it is wired into the ethernet network.

iMac, MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.5)
  • James A. Weston Level 5 Level 5
    I'm not sure about the ports and functionality of the FIOS modem, but did you try connecting your iMac directly to the AirPort Extreme for configuration purposes?
  • BassoTim Level 1 Level 1
    Yes I initially set up the Airport Extreme between my Verizon Fios modem and my iMac. That worked. However I wanted to use the Airport Extreme within the range of my wireless Verizon Fios modem and away from the iMac, essentially as a bridge and extender. That way I could put the external hard drives and/or printer in another room.

    Will this work?

  • James A. Weston Level 5 Level 5
    If your FIOS modem is a full-fledged wireless router as well as a modem it should work, but you may not be happy with the wireless throughput. It would be much better to connect the AirPort Extreme to the FIOS modem by Ethernet cable, however long it might be.

    You may have to hire a cable guy or gal to do the job, but it may be worth it.

    To configure your AirPort Extreme, you should temporarily connect your computer directly to the AirPort Extreme by Ethernet cable.
  • BassoTim Level 1 Level 1
    I am assuming that you mean that the Airport Extreme needs to be place between the router and my iMac so that I can configure it. That did work when I tried it before. The question then is how do I configure it so that it will work when it is tethered to an Ethernet cable and does not connect further to my computer?
  • James A. Weston Level 5 Level 5
    We don't have Verizon FIOS around here, so I have never seen a so-called FIOS modem.

    If it is a full router you should configure the AirPort Extreme as a wireless access point (in bridge mode) so that its wireless clients will get their DHCP-dispensed IP addresses from the FIOS router.