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I was setting an IPad up on Itunes for the first time. I was told that the user did not have an apple accout so clicked New User in ITunes. After I did this and setup the account my friends spouse does have an apple account with an Iphone. The apps on the Iphone syncs to Ttunes but when I plug the Ipad in the apps will not sync to the Ipad. I have successfully setup other Iphones and Ipad combinations to sync to each other on itunes. I have the lates copy of itunes loaded. I have uninstalled itunes and stated over from scratch. I can't seem to get back to the orginal page where it ask if you have an accout or a new user.

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    Probably because you should have used the spouse's account not a new one. Try logging into the iTunes store with the Apple ID and password for the account under which the apps already exist. You can then have as many different iDevices sync with iTunes. Each device needs a unique name so iTunes will keep track of what should be synced to each device.

    But if you use a new account with a new Apple ID, password, credit card, etc., then prior purchases via the other account are not recognized and she/he will need to purchase all over again.
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    Yeah, as stated I was orginally told there was no account and then after I performed a new account setup the spouse said she did have an account. I have already tried logging into ITunes with the existing account.
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    And, how is that working out?