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  • momotl Level 1 Level 1
    I have the same issue that started persisting early this year 2011. I tried everything that was mentioned in this thread and the same problem still persist. It is so fustrating that everyday I would have to delete the same emails 4-6 times per day. I knew I should stuck with my Blackberry. Til today, there is still no solution to this??
  • momotl Level 1 Level 1
    Went to Apple store moments ago to find if there is a solution to this. I talked to a Techie guy and apparantly they are aware of it and many had come to them for the same issue. Unfortunately there is no solution to this as we speak. How can such a important function of the phone be still an issue for such a long time without a solution from Apple.
  • Brea Erickson Level 1 Level 1
    I do not have this problem with GMAIL, however I am having the problem with hotmail on my iphone4. I have to delete emails at least 3 times before they are removed. Is there really not a solution for this?
  • gladys2 Level 1 Level 1
    I had the continuously looping e-mail on my iMac a couple of months ago. It was so bad that even though I deleted everything off both my mail and off the server, that it not only continuously reloaded, but also doubled and re-doubled the load every time. It finally got to several hundred multiplications of EACH message. At the final point of sheer disgust, I had over 2000 messages load - (actually only about 20 messages, but X100 or so each).

    I called my tech, who had no answers but dug deep into his "sources" and came up with something in the settings in the guts of the computer and talked me through the fix. I wish I could remember what it was, but alas.... I'm no techie, and I have no clue what we did. But don't give up. I wish I could help, but did want to say that there IS a fix !

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    I have this problem as well. I use GMAIL. When I delete new e-mail, read or unread, and go below the "25 recent messages" I have chosen in settings the iphone 4 just repopulates with recently deleted email. Not sure when this began but it's been a very annoying problem at least since I transferred my mail to a GMAIL account about 5 months ago (that would mean I've had it while using the current and last OS for the iphone 4). Additionally, I see no way to "empty the trash." Am I missing something here? Can anyone tell me what settings I might try?
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    It may be my imagination, but it seems like this problem is worse since going to iOS 5.  Before, as mentioned in an earlier post, I had some (but not complete) success by hitting refresh after deleting the messages.  That doesn't seem to be helping now - on Saturday morning I had to delete the same 42 messages five or six times.  This is getting extremely frustrating.  Anyone have any ideas?



  • alex from SI Level 1 Level 1

    i upgraded to IOS5 and now the problem is exponentially worse.

    I have an Exchange account and GMail account on my phone and it happens on both.   My email re-downloads probably 40 times a day?  It has rendered my phone nearly useless as email is my primary use.


    Since apple does not provide a downgrade option for me to go back too i am STUCK with a phone that doesn't work.


    Someone please help me figure this out.  I have wiped the phone and started clean and that didn't help.

  • sebrum Level 1 Level 1

    Go into your email settings, (I did it on my home computer) and uncheck the box where it says to leave email on server.  I am thinking that may help.  Now I can delete the emails like before on my iphone.  Good luck guys

  • bossfan Level 1 Level 1

    I generally like to check my email on my iPhone at work, delete what I don't need and then, when I get home, download on my home computer the ones I want to read again or keep.  Sebrum, would that be possible doing what you're suggesting?



  • sebrum Level 1 Level 1

    I am not sure if it will go to all three. I was concerned about that also.  I want to be able to receive the same messages on my iphone as on my home computer.  So I unchecked that box and sent myself an email from another person's email and I received it on both my iphone and my computer.  And when deleted on my iphone, I still received it on my home computer. Do a test to see if it will work for you, if it doesn't you can go back and recheck that box.   Good luck.

  • bossfan Level 1 Level 1

    I just checked my home settings (Outlook) and the box to leave mail on server is (and always has been) unchecked.  On my iPhone I have it set to Delete from Server When Removed from Inbox.  But, the problem with repeated downloads persists.  My email is a account, by the way.  Any thoughts, anyone?



  • bossfan Level 1 Level 1

    Anyone come up with anything?  This is getting more and more frustrating each day.  one thing I have noticed is that sometimes, although there's no pattern as far as I can see, after I go through my email, at the bottom it says "Loading more messages X total, Y unread."  If i press that , nothing more downloads and the ones I previously deleted don't download again.  I'm getting really tired of deleting the same 20-30 messages over and over and over.




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    I am having a similar issue which frustatinly is only happening when I am on data romaing overseas (and therefore paying a SIGNIFICANT amout of money to constantly redownload my messages.)


    I can go for a few days and email will be fine but then, for no reason, the iphone will redownload all messages for say the past 30 days. Today (9th May) I went to check mail and all messages since 11th April where gone and were in the process of redownloading.


    I travel ALLOT with my work and this is simply not a workable solution. It never seems to happen when I'm home (in UK). On digging into this it may be related to somethng on exchange server and the timestamp on the messages? However I'd like apple to comment on and fix the issue!

  • bossfan Level 1 Level 1

    I'm afraid to say it, and I may be wrong, but I haven't had the problem since upgrading to iOS 6.

  • andykoom Level 1 Level 1

    Still an issue with ios 7.1.1! It's been 4 years! E-mails keep downloading repeatedly...forever.