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Sorry if this is blindingly obvious - maybe I'm missing something but a search of the other threads and a check of the help facilities hasn't helped.

It's what I thought is a ridiculously simple issue. I want to export a playlist to a USB stick so I can plug it into my micro-system and play it. That means I want to export the listing and the MP3s that go with it. How do I do this? The export playlist function only creates a text file.

Maybe I've got this wrong but this facility seems to pre-suppose that the other unit has a duplicate iTunes library.

I'm sure this must be straightforward. I hope I don't have to start rummaging through the multiple folders in the iTunes library to find the tracks I want and then drag'n'drop onto the stick one at a time.

Again, sorry of this is obvious but I have looked in the obvious places and couldn't find an answer.

Compaq SR5601, Windows Vista