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I can't get flash videos or flash-enabled sites to work. I've installed and uninstalled adobe flash player numerous times to try to fix the problem, but nothing has worked. I've searched the internet and I haven't found any solutions.

If I go to youtube and play a video, I can hear the audio, but not the video itself. I can only see the video if I view it at full screen. Otherwise all I see is black or a frozen buffering symbol. Flash animations on websites won't work either.

This has become very frustrating and I would like someone to help me fix this problem.

Macbook Pro 17-inch, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    If no one else answers...

    I don't know about specifically fixing Flash, but you could try using Google Chrome web browser. It has it's own Flash player. Me personally, I don't like Flash and don't have it installed on one of my Macs, but when I do need to view a Flash site, I open it in Chrome instead. If the site doesn't work in Chrome for you, then you may have something more serious going on with your Mac.
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    Thanks. Downloaded Chrome and flash works fine on there. I would still like to know how to fix it on other browsers though.
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    Ironically, Flash works fine on the mac - when you use it in a Windows 7 virtual machine, or via bootcamp.

    I use VMware, and my Windows 7 VM with Chrome, Firefox, and IE all play flash videos perfectly smoothly. But when I open the SAME video on the mac side, in any browser, it's choppy has heck, and unwatchable.

    Hate to say it, but Windows 7 pwns Apple when it comes to Flash sites. And my daughter LOVES flash-enabled sites (nick.com, et al).
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    I've used Flash with Safari on my own MBP with no issues so far.