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I've got an iPhone 4 running 4.2.1, directly after the update, my audiobooks disappeared. (these are not audible.com books either) They will still take up space on the phone, and all my music/movies are fine, but the dreaded "No Audiobooks" message displays when I go into the audiobook section of the iPod. This happens now every time I sync the device. I've found a temporary fix, but it still continues to happen.

Here are the things I've tried:
1. Connect to iTunes, sync, and after go into the audiobooks in the device list under iPhone, play a couple minutes of a track, and they should be visible again on the device. (I read about this "fix" online, it does not work in my opinion)

2. Connect to iTunes, sync, then DE-select audiobooks in the books tab. Sync again (watch your free space increase as the invisible audiobooks are removed) Then select your audiobooks again and sync a second time. Check again, and see that your books have returned.

Does anyone else have any other solutions other than waiting for 4.2.2?

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    I experience the same problem. I have an iPhone 4 and was running iTunes Upgraded itunes to and this resolved the problem. I now see all of my books within my ipod player.

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    I have exactly the same problem. Purchase audiobook on the phone, sync, audiobook goes to the computer but disappears from phone. Have tried many things to get it back on the phone, nothing works. These are $20 books too. I bought them to listen to ON THE PHONE! And how-oh-how to get a refund? That option seems to have disappeared too.
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    I have the same problem, but when I look for them in spotlight they're there.
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    I had this problem. Some update of the software, apparently caused me to start getting the 'No Audiobooks' message.Try this:

    When you connect your iphone to your computer to sync, click on the the 'Books' tab. You probably have the box for 'sync books' checked. Scroll down. Beneath that is another box to 'sync AUDIObooks.' Check that one. Worked for me.
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    Are your iPhone settings on iTunes set up to sync audiobooks? Or only checked items?
    And i share you a column about [iPhone Transfer Reviews|http://www.softwarebbs.com/wiki/IPhoneTransfer_SoftwareReviews]. This has worked perfectly for me everytime I've tried it.
    Hope it can do you a favor.
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    Same problem here. I have been using audiobooks for a long time and I can't remember this happening before iTunes 10.1.2. Don't know If it is because of the iTunes update or because of the specific audiobooks. Have been having problems with 2 audiobooks that keep disappearing so I don't get the 'no content' dialog as the third audiobook keeps being listed...
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    Exact same problem here. I had 'sync selected audio books' selected, with my book partially selected, and i also had 'also sync the following playlists' (or similarly worded option) checked, and i had a playlist that also had the same book there, with the same tracks selected.

    On a hunch, I unselected the playlist, sync'd and now my book is back. Perhaps having the same book selected in more than one place triggers this error. Haven't synced since so don't know if this is a long-lasting solution but figured I had better write this out while I remember this page!

    Using iTunes 10.1.2 (17) and the latest iOS on iPhone 4.