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my iPhone is now 2 weeks old and since last sunday I have the problem that my usage and my standby times increase simultaneously. I also did a hard reset which deleted the timers. I did a hard reset and timer stop working Battery drain seemed normal and I thought the reset fixed it. Now I had to charge it last night and the timers still increase together. Like I said...a full reset (Home button and standby button pressed) did not help. I also deleted my exchange mail account now but no success either. How can I fix this problem?

iPhone 4, iOS 4, iOS 4.2.1
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    I did restore my iPhone now and directly after the phone is restored everything works. The times differ. So what does this mean? Either it's a bug appearing directly after loading the phone or it might have been an app I installed.

    Is there any app which might help me to identify what my iPhone is doing in the background?
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    the problem reoccured now. After 2 weeks of using my iphone now again I have a fast draining battery and my usage increasing constantly without using my iphone. Again a hardware reset does not fix this problem. Can anybody please help me on this? Could it be a hardware problem? It can't be that I'm the only one with this problem.

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    I'm also looking for help. I do have the same problem. Tried the Reset thru iTunes, reset the iPhone, turn off localization, notification, took out the me.com account, terminate all the apps in back but nothing worked.
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    try to reset the phone as a new iphone and not with the old backup. Maybe this backup already is faulty. At first don't install any apps or something and see if the two timer differ. Then reinstall app for app. So did I to find the "malicous" app, but the effect was not reproducable until yesterday.
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    Same troubles. Genius Bar people told me it was related to Exchange Active Sync. My battery drains rapidly on my 3GS...and it's new hardware since last week Apple replaced it thinking my earlier troubles were hardware related. Not impossible, but not very likely that two hardware devices experience the same issue...more likely software/app related. This is very frustrating! It worked just fine for 10 months and then my troubles started a week ago. I cannot recall anything particular on my end that changed. Any clues? Any ideas how to troubleshoot? It seems like something is running in the background that is keeping the CPU nearly 100% whether the screen is on or off...but it's never really going in to standby mode so the battery meter almost goes down right before your eyes.
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    The problem suddenly occurs.  Symptoms - low battery life and runs hot, even with all apps closed and hard reboot.  Most of the forum information regarding cure is wrong.  I tried uninstalling apps, hard reboot - no success.  Then airplane mode to exclude all radio communications, hard reboot, no success.  Then reset phone settings (as opposed to setting up as new phone) no success.  Deleted all email accounts, no success.  Then reset phone as factory new, no success.  Finally DFU reset (cabled to iTunes with usual button push combo that you can read about-firmware overwrite, complete restore), no success.  Also restored from a backup of the phone before problem, no success.


    So nothing really works.  One of these methods worked for a day, then problem recurred.


    I called Verizon and reviewed the above with tech support.  They had nothing to offer other than a new replacement phone.  The new phone is fine.


    So if you have battery problems, check usage and standby.  If they are equal and resetting as new phone fails get a replacement.  Save yourself from a multi-day painful experience.




    Dothan, AL

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