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I happened to be in a very serious boating accident in Cebu Philippines and had my iphone in my pocket, yes there you have it salt water and phone destroyed.
Contacted Apple US where my phone was purchased , of course one can only access if your in the US. Cannot get help to purchase a replacement as it asks which state your currently in. Since I live here in Cebu for six months and Alaska only during the summer months I have no current state.
Then I tried to set up a appointment for help through Apple web site, Apple do not phone outside the US , so unable to contact. Of course Apple have no direct e - mail for those US customers traveling outside the US who have problems with their phones, Apple e mail addresses are top secret, I wonder why customers have no direct way of contacting a multi billion dolor company ?
Apple then direct you to Apple Asia , this so called Apple iphone carrier named Globe communications Philippines, they then ask if you purchased the phone through them. No I did not I reply, "sorry nothing we can do" ?
Go to the Apple reseller in SM Mandaue Cebu , they laugh and tell me that they do not help in these types of incidents.
I wrote to Apple customer service through the web site some eight times asking for help, no reply !
I wrote a letter to Mr Ron Johnson from the Philippines he is the so called senior Vice president of sales in their corporate offices in California asking him or his department for the best direction to enable me to purchase a replacement iphone, no reply.
Well Apple you can keep your so called customer service I have been an Apple customer for many years buying their products but this will cease as I have bitten the apple and its way too sour !

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    If phone was bought in US then US help should help. Since it is water damage there is zero they will do for you any how. Since bought in US then you MUST be on AT&T thus call AT&T and order a replacement through them. There is nothing either company will do extra for your damaged device since it is water damage.
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    Thanks, but think you should do your homework, Apple in fact will sell you a refurbished replacement no matter what damage is, this I have already had to do over a year ago. Some of us had iphones from the very beginning i.e June 29th 2007 and therefore are well aware of the replacement procedures.
    Apple will NOT repair or replace water damage but the key words are "refurbished replacement"
    AT&T do not replace iphones, Apple does
    I think you missed the point
    The entire question is based on Apple customer service and the non responses from the various entities.
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    Yes, for a price Apple will fix your iPhone, by just replacing it with a refurbished unit.

    The issue is that the iPhone can only be "fixed" by Apple in the country it was purchased, which is the same for the warranty. You could theoretically send the iPhone to a friend in the US to have them visit an Apple Store or to contact Apple to see about repair options.

    As Apple, AT&T, and the Philippines carrier have stated it can only be dealt with in the US. There is no way around this. Apple customer care is doing what they can which isn't much if the iPhone is out of the US. I believe that the iPhone terms and conditions for the warranty and the use of the device outline this. Granted nobody ever reads this though.

    Furthermore, if the Original iPhone is being used outside the US with a different carrier, the iPhone obviously had to have been modified and/or hacked which Apple could use as a reason for the device not to be covered at all.
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    AT&T have International rates so one can use your phone outside the US. Thanks for the replies.
    Alaska does not have a iphone store . That is where it was purchased
    Too many other great phones out there nowadays , bye bye Apple !
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    inxs900 wrote:
    Too many other great phones out there nowadays , bye bye Apple !

    Fair enough, but I wouldn't expect any different reaction from any other cell phone provider or cell phone manufacturer when a 2-3 year old cell phone is heavily damaged from salt water damage while being out of the country.

    If you are in Alaska you could probably get an out of warranty replacement through Apple by sending your current iPhone in and have a refurbished iPhone sent out at your cost. You would have to talk to Apple and AppleCare to see if it is available through the mail and not in person at an Apple Store.