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A friend of mine has a first generation MacBookAir. I advised her to have an admin account as well as a normal account for her daily work. Now she has forgotten her admin password and I am wondering how to reset it. She does not have the external DVD-drive. If she had, she could use the install disk. Is there any way to reset it?

She's also not living close by. Would it be viable to try it via a remote install via internet?

Thanks a lot.

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    Well, with the install disk, she can use Utilities->Reset Password, but without a USB Superdrive this does not help. Is she near an Applestore? They can re-set it for her.

    Or, you can copy your Install Disk to a USB drive, mail it to her and have her boot from the USB and then use Utilities->Reset Password
    (to copy to a USB, use Disk Utility. Make the USB a GUID Partition, then in the Restore Tab, drag the DVD to Source, and USB Disk to Destination, test, and mail).
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    Thanks, we'll try one after the other.