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Which are the best settings to choose in Compressor to burn a DVD in DVD Studio Pro?

I usually export a Quicktime file from Final Cut (without any changes) and then burn that on DVD SP to make a DVD but I was recently told not to burn that file directly in DVD SP but to put it in Compressor because Compressor does a better job with MPEG 2... (I'm quoting here)

This is what I was told:

"... Import the resulting file [Quicktime] into Compressor and choose the appropriate preset for the duration of your video [film is 97 min]. Modify the preset's bit rate if needed [what does this mean?]. In the Dolby Digital preset, change the Dialog Normalization to -31bdfs and set the Compression Type to NONE [how do I do this?].Use the resulting two files in DVD-SP for authoring and burning."

Any suggestions? I'm thinking "MPEG-2 0Mbps 2-pass 16:9" but just because it sounds better than the others...

Please help!!

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    It might help if you told us what version of Compressor you are using, but I'll try to help. DVDSP does do a better job, but if using Quicktime gives you acceptable results, why change? No matter what, your video file must be an MPEG-2 file.
    To answer your questions. Import your asset into compressor. You can then choose one of Apple's presets. If your movie is 97 minutes, I suggest "best 120 minute,.m2v. Do not pick 16:9 unless your imported asset is also 16:9 as Compressor will not convert it. Now go to the window drop down menu and select "show inspector". There will be several tabs that will allow you to do what you want. As for sound, choose dolby instead of .Aiff. Dolby (.ac3) gives the same sound quality as .Aiff, but a much smaller file. .Aiff files are what your music CD's use.
    Hope this helps.