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I am getting frustrated with the way that iTunes is handling my books/epubs and I am wondering how you are doing it. I have my preferences set up to organize my library and for my music, it is done by Artist -> Album -> <Track #> <Track Title>. Works well and keeps things grouped.

For books, I have whole series by a particular author and want to keep them together and in order. So following the same notion as above, I put the Author in Artist, Title in Title, Series in Album and the number in the series in Track #. But all this does is give me Artist/Author -> <Track #> <Title>. So if I have an author with several series, I have a bunch of "01 Title for Series 1" and "01 Title for Series 2". No real organization. So it seems books ignore Albums for organizing.

Is there another or better way?

I'm getting close to finding a different tool for organizing my epubs and then just move to iTunes when I want to get them on my iPad, but what a pain in the butt that would be.

Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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    I follow what the writer says here:


    I must have a couple hundred books and other e-publications.
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    Thanks. I had read that previously and I do what is mentioned there, but it doesn't quite go deep enough.

    Take James Patterson for example. He has 60 or more books. But they are in different series. The Alex Cross series and the Daniel X series to name 2. So for the Alex Cross series, I have "Alex Cross" in the Album field and the Track is the order in the series. This works for the most part, except when you look in the iTunes Books folder, ALL of the James Patterson books are in the same folder (under James Patterson of course) and there is no indication of the album/series.

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    I can feel your pain, I too had issues with iTunes and the title format used for storing classical music. It seems really anal to those who do not understand the frustration. Finally I found this blog covering what to do.

    My iTunes is having "issues" at the moment so I cannot directly try what I am suggesting, this article covers it and the thinking is to go to a GRID VIEW to sort the books.