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hi just got back from work and notices my iphone is no longer working nothing on screen won't charge anything had a look round on google and found out it u hold the power botton and the home button for 15sec apple logo should come on but that is not working i updated it to new OS last night don't know if that has anything to do with it someone plz help was working fine at work

Windows 7
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    i have had the same thing happen with 3 iphone 3gs and have taken it straight back to phone shop, they sent it to apple and i have had to replacement phones and i am waiting now for it to get fixed again for the 4th time, i put it in to get fixed on the 28th of november and its now the 19th of december and still haven't got a phone to use, gets me so angry and then get email today stateing that my warrently runs out soon rofl, guess i wont be using the phone no more when i get it back as i know its gonna happen again
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    I have the same problem !!
    yesterday my iphone 3gs has died ... it was working when i putted it on my pocket, but after 30 mints or somthing when i wanted to play muzic i found it wont work, just a black screen !!!!

    but today i went to vodafone egypt and they told me go to apple i went to apple and they took it but they didn't tell me anything about it they tried what i did before at home ! they just told me come on Thursday !!!!!!!!!!