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I'm having a rough time upgrading my iPhone 4. I connected the iPhone to the PC via USB. The device was recognized fine. Upon hitting the "Update" button the process begins to work. At some point in time it attempts install drivers; eventually the drivers are not installed successfully and my iPhone goes into recovery mode. I usually have to restore it on my laptop at which point in time I can re-try the upgrade on my PC.

I'm apprehensive to update iTunes on my laptop because that is my only means of restoring my iPhone 4.

Some things I've done to try and correct the issue(NOTE: I have 64 bit Windows 7):

1. Uninstall/Re-install the most up to date version of iTunes and all components such as Quicktime, Bonjour etc. I even did it in a specific order.

2. Restart the PC and iPhone 4 after Uninstall and Re-installation of iTunes.

3. Manually updating drivers for "Apple Mobile Device USB" and "MTP USB Device" using usbaapl64. I go through the whole right click > update driver software > browse my computer for driver software > let me pick > chose a device and "have disk" > browse > and I try from both of the following directories *C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\Drivers* and *C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\Drivers*. The second directory didn't even have a Drivers folder in it at first. I copied and pasted the driver folder in Mobile Device Support in second directory.

I'm really unsure how to proceed. I'd like to upgrade my iPhone to 4.2 but the amount of time I'm spending coupled with the lack of results is very disheartening.

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    Disable ALL security apps (firewall, antivirus, etc.) running on your PC.

    Connect the phone to a USB port on the PC, not an external hub or keyboard port.
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    Usually the firewall is the issue when the update is downloading. I've had no issues downloading the update. It's during the installation/update process that problems start happening. I turned off all firewall and bitdefender. This however didn't help the issue of the iPhone drivers not being installed successfully. Are there any other solutions to this issue.
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    There are no iPhone "drivers" installed during the update process. Are you referring to the iOS "software" or "firmware" segments of the install?
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    Not really sure how to explain this, so I'll just explain what I see.

    My iPhone is currently connected to my pc. I can see it in iTunes. I can browse apps and music on the iPhone. I'm assuming that all is well. If there was an issue with drivers I don't believe I could do this.

    I am going to click update in the "Summary" tab. iTunes informs me that it will update my iPhone to iOS 4.2 and verify the update with Apple. I click update.

    Extracting software

    Backing up iPhone

    Verifying update.

    Preparing phone for software

    Hear device connect/disconnect multiple times via USB (Windows Chime).

    Usually I see in the bottom right corner a message saying that the drivers for the device are being installed, followed by another message that says they were not installed successfully. This time however I didn't see that message. However, at the end I still received an error message saying the iPhone could not be updated. Uknown error (1611).

    I'm unsure how to see which portion of the install is faltering, nor how to proceed to rectify.

    Appreciate the support.

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    Anyone else having this problem? Getting desperate.
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    I'm having the same problem. I'm using an iPhone 3GS (trying to upgrade from iOS 4.0.something to 4.2) with iTunes running on Windows 7 (64 bit).

    I have never managed to get iTunes to upgrade the iPhone smoothly. It always makes a mess of it. Although this time iTunes actually hung, leaving my iPhone in Recovery Mode -- this is an all-time low for the iPhone's already-poor update process.

    Do Apple not actually bother testing this stuff? It's a joke.
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    The worse part is, no one seems to have a solid fix for it. Everywhere I look I find vagaries. I follow these convoluted methods for correction and end up with nothing in the end.