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Can anyone here recommend a decent Logic forum elsewhere that segregates it's users and topics appropriately -- and also has decent traffic?

If you're one to offer some decent suggestions, chances are you can understand why I'm asking about alternatives to this location here.

I've found a few recently; haven't invested much time in 'em yet though. I would appreciate any advice if y'all have some favs.

Additionally, I'd also welcome any recommendations for active forums that promotes the theory and practice of mixing (without a DAW preference).


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  • ahicox Level 1 Level 1 (40 points)
    The Tape-Op community is very helpful and open (and not related to only DAW stuff).


    It's a mature community of people who take recording stuff pretty seriously. So if you're looking for the place that will entertain real boneheaded questions from folks who just bit-torrented Logic and didn't even read the included pdf manuals before starting threads ... that's probably not the place.

    I have learned a LOT just lurking the forums there, and when I have asked good questions, I've usually been overwhelmed with very relevant discussion. A real gem of a community over there.
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    Ah, thankyou, thankyou. That's one that wasn't on my radar. Much appreciated. The teen (or older and should know better) folks make me get all grandpa-grumpy-pants up in here sometimes.

    "Get off my lawn!"
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    Decent traffic? Separation of Topics? Try www.logicprohelp.com

    I'm one of the moderators there. FWIW, we don't segregate users, but we have a good number of highly knowledgeable regulars, including David Nahmani (whose site it is) who's the author of various books on Logic.

    Several esteemed regulars of this forum also frequent there, and vice versa.
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    Brillant. Thanks for the suggestion(s)!