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Dusty0615 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
Does Apple TV now support transferring audio and video from an iTouch for Pandora through Airways?

IBM/Lenovo T42, Windows XP
  • vazandrew Level 6 Level 6 (17,040 points)
    If you have everything up to date you can use airplay to stream the audio from iTouch to ATV. Video is currently only supported via the Youtube and iPod apps.
  • TheOneAndOnly BiGMaC Level 1 Level 1 (95 points)
    Video from any iOS device from Pandora App can't be streamed to ATV2 wirelessly nor projected from and iOS device via wires....sound will go via wires from the app from an iOS device. However, if you access pandora via a browser on the iOS device, the entire web content can be connected via hardwire with many of the browsers available in the app store.... try Perfect Browser (which also has unlimited tabbed browsing).

    Maybe just have the music and let the screensaver run.
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    Thx, sounds good. If I keep the iTouch with me I can still listen to Pandora through the Apple TV and see the artist, song titles directly on the iTouch. BTW, I assume my Cisco E2000 wireless-n router is sufficient to handle the Apple TV video streaming as well as audio??? Thx again
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    Listening to Pandora on my Apple TV2 via the airplay is cool, but I think Apple can step it up and add Pandora to the Apple TV menu. This would be a nice added feature thus allowing me to see my artist and song info on my TV instead of on my iPhone. Other than that, I love this product. I can stream all my media content with no problems whether its from my computer or on the Internet. Apple you did a great job with this product, just add Pandora to complete a perfect product for me.
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    If you would like to give feedback do so via the link

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    I like Pandora as well. But think about it, if Apple added Pandora why would you need the iTunes store except for that special song that you just have to have.

    BTW Magnavox sells a Blue Ray w/ WiFi through Walmart for $70. I bought 3 on Black Friday. After hooking it up I discovered the only internet offered was VUDU. Took all 3 back and found out that many other folks returned it as well.

    The LG w/ WiFi offers the greatest selection of internet through their Netcast Service.