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  • aboveandunder Level 1 Level 1 (20 points)

    Thanks kalina1, you solved the problem.


    Under Mavericks the old trick doesn't work anymore. Calendar resaves the "" file everytime it is used and erases the line "Default alarm sound...". It looks like that's why the default sound always reverts to "Basso".

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    Meidas, if you try HunterS suggestion it will work. You need to tick the box ical preferences 'Add a default alarm to all new events and invitations'. THEN you go and change the script in as per John Maisey's suggestion on page 1 of this discussion. Hope that helps


    alternately, you can open the


    Go to lines 5 and 6

    <key>Add default alarms</key>



    Change FALSE to TRUE

    <key>Add default alarms</key>



    Then go down to lines 25 & 26

    <key>Default alarm sound</key>



    And change Basso to GLASS or whatever default sound you want


    <key>Default alarm sound</key>






  • GrantusM Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Thank you so much for this amazingly simple idea.   I don't know why I didn't think to do this before but you thought around the problem and that's worked out wonderfully.


    I've been trying to fix this for weeks and none of the remedies mentioned above worked in Mavericks.


    Well done, and thanks again!

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    I just discovered that iCal or Calendar  uses the first (alphabetical order) sound it finds in your sound folder

    The default is Bass because this is the first one

    but if you add any other one that starts with the letter A, iCal will use that one

    I added the sound Agogo and now all my alerts use Agogo

    You need to copy the sound you want to be used in your  User Sounds folder, no need to change the System Sound folder

    or add an A in front of the name of your favorite one

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    here is a solution that is working for me in 10.9.5 (thanks to Wakko from


    1. (Make TimeMachine backup)
    2. Quit calendars
    3. Go to ~/Library/Calendars. Here, for each calendar there is a folder with its UUID (i. e. 9C36543C-8BA1-4264-8E3F-C1BB9FB207BE.calendar). To find out what calendar it is referring to open info.plist within it. Chose the calendar's folder you want to change the alarm sound for. It should also be containging the folder /LocalDefaultAlarms with the two files EventAllDayAlarms.icsalarm and EventTimedAlarms.icsalarm. If it does not open calendars and create a test event in that calendar. Go to 2.
    4. Open EventAllDayAlarms.icsalarm and EventTimedAlarms.icsalarm. Find the line ATTACH;VALUE=URI:basso and change basso to the sound you like. I had to place the sound file in /System/Library/Sounds.
    5. (By the way: If you want to change the default hour for alerts for all day events, change TRIGGER:-PT15H accordingly. PT stands for pacific time, -PT15H means 9 AM (15 hours before beginning of the day).)
    6. Reboot


    EventAllDayAlarms.icsalarm and EventTimedAlarms.icsalarm are re-created and reset to basso each time calendar prefs are saved. So, in order to prevent overwriting your manual settings accidentally, set them to read only.


    Good luck!



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    I forgot:


    4a. Delete

    ~/Library/Calendars/Calendar Cache

    ~/Library/Calendar Cache-shm and

    ~/Library/Calendar Cache-wal

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