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Henry R Level 1 (0 points)
I am thinking of getting a 32 GB IPod Touch. (I currently have a 16 GB I Pod Nano). I would use the ITouch primarily for listening to music in my car. (It has a bigger memory space than the Nano).

I read I can also use the I Pod Touch for sending e-mails and also for surfing the internet. I have never had a wireless connection (wifi?), but only a PC desktop, and now I have a McIntosh desktop. I assume I must have internet access to send or receive e-mails on my IPod Touch. I don't want to pay too much for internet service for the IPod Touch. I do not know about wifi or wireless connectivity. How do I get connected to the internet with an IPod Touch if I buy one? How can I get inexpensive internet service, from who, and what will it cost me? And exactly how do I connect to the internet if I get the ITouch and sign up for internet service.

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  • Andy :] Level 2 (400 points)
    The iPod touch connects to a wifi router. Buy a wifi router for your home, set it up and your iPod touch can connect to your home Internet. For outside you house you need to be connected to wifi hit spot to connect to the Internet. You could buy a mifi modem to be able to surf the Internet anywhere there is 3G/4G
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    you should be able to go to any place that has free wifi and use your ipod touch to connect to the internet. do a search on your home computer for free wifi in your town's area. also, it's quite easy to set up a wifi network in your home, i bought an apple airport express and it was no problem. i had no wifi experience either.