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The Phone/Contacts application seems to have a problem matching up international numbers for incoming calls.

For example, I have a UK number in my contacts, formatted in standard form like this:
+44 1234 123456

When I receive a call from that number, it is provided by Caller ID like this:

However, the iPhone does not match the incoming number with the contact. If I put "441234123456" in Contacts exactly like that, then it is matched, but obviously that is not how I want it.

I have found references to such problems going back to 2007, but no clear solution. Surely Apple should have fixed it by now?

Does anyone have any clues? Is this just something I have to live with?

iPhone4, iOS 4, Version 4.2.1
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    I have the same problem. Some of my contacts are stored with 0044 prefix others with +44. My iPhone4 will not regognise either consistently, sometimes even when there's an absolutely perfect match in Contacts. Ridiculous.

    Interestingly, when I am actually making a call or when the caller is phoning me, the phone will reconise the caller from Contacts. BUT same does not apply in Recents or Messages. So if I miss a call or look at the history I don't know who called when. Equally texts are not cross referenced to Contatcs. When you don't know the sender they aren't much use.

    APPLE PLEASE SORT THIS OUT before I revert to my Nokia. I went to my local Apple store and the 'Genius' said 'we've never seen that before' and that was it. Brilliant, that really helps me.

    Has anyone got s fix for this?
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    I too would like to know if there is a soultion for this problem. It's not a problem if use a Nokia or a HTC phone, just a problem with my iphone. Very frustrating.
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    I'm in the same conditions: I have 10 years worth of contacts all stored in the international format, and the phone cannot match incoming calls/texts/call log.


    Apple are you there? Is there a ticket already open with this issue?



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    i have the same issue in trinidad and tobago. all my contacts are stored as +1868XXXXXXX.


    with sms, i get the correct the correct caller id.


    however the carriers in my country send the caller id for incoming calls randomly (+1868XXXXXXX; 1868XXXXXXX, 868XXXXXXX; or XXXXXXX).


    does this mean that i musthave all four variotions of the same number saved for EACH contact???


    is there no other solution to this problem?

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    I dont think this is entirely Apple's fault, there is a wide variation between countries as to what format outbound caller ID is transmitted as well as how many digits are processed from inbound calls. In the paerticular examples above,

    -The +1 country code is used by all of North America and Caribbean and is almost always followed by 10 digit number, totalling 11 digits


    -In the case of countries with a 2 digit country code, the total length is 12 digits


    Many carriers (and maybe some gateways in transit over satellite between countries) are only set up to recognize 10 digits so they drop either first or last excess digits.


    The case of Trinidad above is that the different carriers or gateways  see the +1 number differently, in some cases the 868 is recognized as an international number with the +1, in others, a regional (1 868) or local number (7 digits only).


    Some phone manufacturers limit the lookup in the contact list to the last 4,5,6, or 7 digits which works fine in most cases, with the exception of when it is the last digits that are dropped

    In most cases, on my iPhone, on ATT with calls from a 2 digit country code, it has been these first 2 that get dropped from some European and South American countries although UK numbers seem to be fully transmitted/received.


    My workaround so far has been to add consitently erroneous and frequently received calls in the incoming format as an "other" phone for the particular contact. I can see the inconvenience of this in the Trinidad case though. the only way Appl can get around this would be to look for recognition of only the last digits as per above which would probably fix a large percentage of cases but not all

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    i am facing the same problem in Kuwait on my Iphone with OS5. in the previous OS, none of these were experienced, but when i upgraded to OS5, problems started appearing randomly since some of the contacts names saved in an international are appearing when they call me and some aren't.


    any idea on this?

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    The iPhone's sloppy mishandling of international numbers goes back to 2007 without solution or (apparently) acknowledgement by Apple. This must reflect a stubbornness on the part of the IOS team that this is not really an issue. Comments in these forums suggest the issue is related to carriers, satellite, country specific codes, etc. But global users of Blackberrys and other phones *using the same carriers* know that the issue is the iPhone. Why can't Apple figure this out if RIM can?? When you receive an international call, you can't dial it back out unless you edit it. You can't edit it unless you add it to your contacts. There is plenty of commentary about how caller ID works with texting but not voice, and vice-versa depending on how the number is formatted in contacts. And the work around is to add the number to contacts in several formats. The iPhone always chokes on the local zero (0) that is added to UK numbers, preventing you from calling a number someone includes in an email signature, again, unless you edit it. This is lame, and I can't believe more people don't write or call Apple support or submit bug reports!!