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The volume of my ear speaker on the phone all of a sudden sound very low even when I put the volume all the way up. I tried inserting the earpiece as suggested, but still are getting the same result. The unit is only 3 weeks old. I did reset and still the same result.

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Iphone 4, iOS 4
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    I had/have the same problem.
    Pretty easy to fix it
    Just choose every Album or Song in iTunes then go to "Info" --> "Volume" --> +100%
    do it 3-5 times and in the end of all this you will have a higher max. volume.
    Then sync ur iPhone/iPod or i-whatever with iTunes and it's done
    It worked on me..
    But no guaranty to it working on you

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    I had a recent problem with my 3GS. I received a call, and could barely hear the other caller through the built-in earpiece. I received the call just as I was finishing up in the shower. I thought water may have gotten into the earpiece. I bought a can of compressed air and using the "straw" I aimed the air on an angle at the earpiece. It sounds gross, but some built up water was in the ear piece. I wiped it away with a dry cloth and repeated the process. I tested my phone by listening to voicemails and the sound was clear again and at it's normal volume.