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I was looking to buy an ipod and i am confused which to choose...
I have about 20 gb of music,.
I will use mainly for music and podcast.

I dont know which one to get ( touch 32 gb or ipod 160 gb)
I heard that the hard drive is more fragile then the flash drive.

Does one unit sound better than another?

any advices are welcome!

thank you

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    The iPod classic's advantage is primarily one of capacity; the classic has a 160GB hard drive. So if all you care about is music and audio podcasts, the iPod classic might be a good option for you. The iPod touch is much more than a music player; web surfing, apps, videos, etc. The tradeoff is that the iPod touch offers lower capacity and a higher cost. I've never seen a direct comparison of audio quality, but I'd expect little difference assuming the same track at the same compression. I'd suggest you read up on the features of each and decide for yourself which best suits your current and future needs.



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    and do you think that flash is more stable than hd?
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    I don't think flash memory is more stable than a hard drive, per se, but flash memory is not subject to problems due to mechanical shock, and lacking mechanical parts flash memory is perhaps a bit less prone to failure over time, though I've seen no statistics to prove that.

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    Personally, I use both a 160GB Classic and a 32GB iPod Touch and I find the iPod Touch better for Podcasts.

    It's easier to play "one Podcast at a time" on the Touch (using the on-the-go playlist facility) and you can see the "time remaining" if you only part play an episode of a Podcast and the full running timew if you haven't yet started it.

    The Classic has greater capacity, which is why I use that for my CD collection, which wouldn't fit on a 32GB Touch. Now there's the 64GB Touch, but I'm not sure I'd be able to fit both my music and my choice of Podcasts on to it.