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Im having problems with my magic mouse lately and its really frustrating. When i first bought it it was working great and now lately its losing connection very often and when i change the batteries sometimes it doesnt wanna connect, lights wont blink or nothing and i have to fool around with the batteries and the mouse to get it going. I recently when to the states and talked to some one at the apple store and they told me to bring the mouse in and the could probably replace it but thats really inconvenient since i dont go often. Any suggestions?

iMac6, 1, Mac OS X (10.6.5)
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    Hello Marcello:

    Welcome to Apple discussions.

    I suggest making the mouse a "favorite."

    Go to system preferences>bluetooth. Highlight the mouse. If details are not shown, click on the little gear>show more info. Then click on the gear again and make the mouse a favorite.

    If that does not help, and the mouse is in warranty an alternative to an Apple store is to call Applecare with a warranty issue. I had a keyboard replaced that way and Apple paid the shipping both ways. There should be no charge for a warranty issue.

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    thank you very much, i just tried the batteries that didnt work before and it worked so its looking good so far, if it acts up again ill call Applecare, thank you!