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I am attempting to ingest footage from a Samsung H200 into FC Express, although soon to become FC Pro which is why I posed here.

I understand this format is not one to edit with, and that I have to convert it to something editable. What exactly is another question and how ? Additionally I don't want to loose any quality. I find it odd that iMovie handles this format however.

I may be training to become an ACMT but this is something that just does my head in with numerous formats etc. I did spend hours searching but found no concrete answers or guides, any help would be appreciated.

Macbook Pro 15" i7, Mac OS X (10.6.4), .
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    welcome to the forums,

    actually the search tool of this forum gives you access to thousands of posts about converting non editing formats into one.

    Use it.

    ProRes is the codec I suggest you use with FCP, AIC in FCE.
    How to convert?

    Compressor, Quicktime or batch convert using [MpegStreamclip|http://www.squared5.com>


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    Amended after remembering (Thanks Ian) that you are still on FCE but moving to FCP
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    In FCE you only have one choice . . . . Apple Intermediate Codec (AIC).

    Provided your camera shoots AVCHD and you have FCE 4.0.1 together with an Intel Mac, the conversion will be done automatically and in real time during the Log and Transfer process.

    As Luca says, when using FCP, ProRes may be marginally better, though you can also use AIC if you wish.

    Don't expect any fantastic improvement from ProRes, as depending on your workflow etc., you may never notice the difference.

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    What's an ACMT?
  • Tom Wolsky Level 10 (115,600 points)
    I doesn't shoot AVCHD. Guess they didn't want to join the consortium. It shoots an MPEG-4 variant that's very close to it.
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    Tom Wolsky wrote:
    What's an ACMT?

    Apple Certified Macintosh Technician.
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    Thanks for your reply.

    I'm still left wondering where to begin however, should I ingest footage into iMovie or drag it straight from the camera into a destination on my HDD ?
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    There's a CD-Rom in your package if you bought it new, it contains software to download your footage to your HDD. I'd start there.
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    It is a work computer so I do not have the disc, I will have to see if I can chase it up.

    If not then...I'll just wing it and ingest into iMovie, convert with MPEGstreamclip and see how I go.
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    I'll just wing it and ingest into iMovie, convert with MPEGstreamclip and see how I go.

    Your method uses two recompression cycles. Not good.
    Why not just transcode directly in MPEG streamclip to the codec you need?
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    Ah of course. So in MPEG streamclip I should export as Quicktime and Select either Pro REs or AIC depending on which version of FC I am using. Fantastic.

    Life savers you lot are.

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    Have a look at [this|http://www.secondchairvideo.com/?p=694].