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hello, yesterday i plugged my ipod in to my computer and itunes popped up as always. then it showed me if i wantd to download MobileMe which tracks down your phone if lost. Sorta like a GPS. now my ipod touch 4 is stuck on recovery mode and it will not show anything on the screen but the usb pointing an arrow to itunes. my computer says to install the apple driver sofware for apple mobile device.once i press to search for it , it says it cant find it and to ''insert a disc that came with your apple mobile device (recovery mode). when i choose that i dont have a disc it has 2 options. check for solutions (it cant find any solutions) and browse my computer for driver software. ive called apple 3 times today and they took me step by step to uninstall and re install and the whole 9 yards. ive read all that apple has to offer on trying to fix it and nothing. help

Ipod touch 4, Windows Vista
  • Titaa Level 1 Level 1
    last night it gave me the option to restore my ipod on itunes but it would tell me error 1604. now it doesnt even recognize my ipod. itunes doesnt pop up no more when i plugg in the ipod.
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    I'm having the same problem!
    Brand new ipod, it worked the first time i plugged it in and it put all my music onto it
    the 2nd time i plugged it in it updated it and then after that its been stuck in recovery mode and my itunes can no longer recognise it and my ipod is just stuck with the plug into itunes screen and i cant do anything with it!!!
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    same thing happened to me it doesnt recognize it because its missing the drivers but everytime i try to reinstall them my computer cannot find them i tried to do it manualy but there no there it has to have something to do with the upgrade *** how can we fix it
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    I'm pretty sure this would fix it.
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    Hi, I had exactly the same problem caused when i downloaded the latest itunes 4.02 (i think)it was then stuck in recovery mode.The fix on the link from apple didnt work. Everything i tried got me to the message that i needed to insert a disk which i didnt have. I have fixed it now in a non technical way which took a while but worked. I had synced the ipod before to my laptop so i knew my music etc was backed up (somewhere) i downloaded itunes onto another laptop & conneceted the ipod to this it then recognised the ipod (not as mine but at least it meant i could do something with it)& said it was in recovery mode & i had to restore before continuing which i did (took 30 mins) this meant it wiped my ipod completely and my library was not showing on this laptop. I then uninstalled itunes on my other laptop (which had my full library on)& downloaded new itunes. When i then connected to this laptop it found my ipod i right clicked on the emblem & chose the option to restore from backup. Which it did to my relief. Hope this helps.