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I'm going round and round, picking up several different streaming media servers along the way but...
I cannot get my iTunes (7.7.1) playlists to show up on my sony PS3 playstation.
The entire music library is there. But I want playlists.
I bought nullriver's MediaLink and it worked for a while but it has a habit of crashing randomly. (Sadly, nullriver's support stinks).
I have the amazing Java PS3 Media Server and it's great. But I can't figure how to get it to read playlists.
I am trying out Twonky Server but again, I can't get it read playlists.
For all three I have been scouring the forums and trying out various tips. Alas, no dice.
I returned to iTunes itself and thought possibly the Sharing preference was the answer. I set it to share selected playlists and checked off a few. But it's not dong anything as far as seeing playlists appear on the PS3.

Can anyone please point me in the right direction, assuming there is one.

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    I found the answer!
    I downloaded iTunes 10.1.1. This version has an added export option - export as m3u.
    With that, I can designate a folder, put the m3u file in it, and viola! PS3 Media Player recognizes the playlist.
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    This helped greatly! I used PS3 Media Server with m3u files & it worked great. Thanks!

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    Another work-around (Using Servio Media Server) that I have used on my PS3 to get it to play iTunes playlist is below.


    1. Download Serviio media server and choose the PS3 profile as the the media renderer.
    2. Create all your playlists in iTunes. Give them whatever name you please, but make sure that they are the names you want to save as files.
    3. Export your playlists from iTunes (iTunes latest version) to a location on your hard-drive or external hard-drive where you want to keep the playlist. You can create a new folder called playlist in your music folder if you choose, or create a completely new folder outside your music folder (it does not matter).
    4. Now click to open the Serviio media server console and under "Library", Click "Add Local" to select the location(s) of your music and iTunes playlist.
    5. Once you are done with that, click on "Save" to save the directory on Serviio.
    6. If you wish, you can force refresh, but Serviio will start creating a database for your music and playlist. This might take a while depending on your collection. You can check the status by clicking "Show Status"
    7. Now open PS3 and you will see Serviio as a media server.
    8. Open Serviio and scroll down to your music and playlist.
    9. If your music and playlist shows up empty, it's because all the files are not in the Serviio databse yet, so be patient.If you find your playlist showing on Serviio, then voila, you are done. Just click on any album or song in the list and set it to play continuously as well as in shuffle mode.
    10. REMEMBER: Don't go through the PS3 playlist to play your music, because it will be empty. You have to use the playlists you created in Serviio. If you want to use the PS3 playlist, then you can copy your Serviio playlist to the PS3 hard-drive and create playlists on PS3.



    • The good thing about the Serviio playlist is that you can create playlist of albums, not just songs, and it will play all of the songs, regardless.
    • You don't have to save the songs on your PS3 hard-drive for them to play.
    • You can also play non-PS3 format media files (including movies) because Serviio will transcode those files for you on the fly.






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