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Ok I didn't see this posted anywhere. I downloaded the latest update for iTunes (10.2 or something like that) and had quicktime and all that updated. Everything went fine and I restarted my computer like it said to do but not when I try to open iTunes it says

"ITunes cannot run because some of its required fields are missing. Please reinstall iTunes."

Please tell me there is a way I can fix this without having to reinstall iTunes as I assume that means I have to sync all my CDs to iTunes yet again!

Asus, Windows 7
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    Just so you know, you're not alone in this although my message is saying "required files are missing" instead of fields. I also note from other threads that the Airport connection bug is still in this upgrade for the third upgrade since going to iTunes 10.

    This is not good enough Apple ! Check your updater software before unleashing it on the general public. One faulty upgrade is an accident, this has now happened on three. Sort it out or get some competent QA people in.

    /rant over

    (Useful bit) : Just downloaded the latest 64 bit installer and run the "Repair" option, iTunes has let me in with library all intact.
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    Me too. I am hoping that downloading 64 bit version will resolve.
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    I downloaded iTunes again, ran install and selected Repair. This installed and all seems to be working. Assume that the automatic download selected the wrong version of iTunes. Poor anyway, it is not even a major upgrade. Hope this helps in some way.