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I have a disc image that I created as a DVD I burned did not turn out well menu wise - so I wanted to re-edit the video and make a new DVD. Can I take the disc image I created with Disc Utility and import the video from it into iMovie? I tried to create a DV from it using mpeg streamclip, but it takes up double space by saving the DV and then adding it to iMovie (and I don't have enough HD space for this) and I tried converting it to an MPEG but I lose sound.

What would you suggest? Thanks!

iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.2)
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    So, you don't have the original iMovie project?

    You need to convert the VOB files in the TS-Folder of the DVD back to DV which iMovie is designed to handle. For that you need mpegStreamclip:


    which is free, but you must also have the Apple mpeg2 plugin :


    which is a mere $20.

    Another possibility is to use DVDxDV:


    which costs $25.

    For the benefit of others who may read this thread:

    Obviously the foregoing only applies to DVDs you have made yourself, or other home-made DVDs that have been given to you. It will NOT work on copy-protected commercial DVDs, which in any case would be illegal.

    As for your lack of hard drive space, you will have to ensure that you have at least 15-20GB of free space.
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    No, the project is long gone - I just noticed a glitch in the menu on the DVD that I did with iDVD so now I have to do the project over.

    I did use mpeg streamclip and created a DV - but it was a pretty big file and the fact that you have to not only have the DV, it doubles the space on the hard drive when you import it into iMovie - yes, I can delete the original DV once imported to regain space, but I don't have enough space on the hard drive for the sake of actually using this method - I tried though. I also have the mpeg plugin - I am a big fan of mpeg streamclip

    I was wondering if there was another way of doing this that takes less space?

    Thanks for the suggestions though! always appreciated.