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My 15" 3.06 GHz macbook pro keeps freezing when I try to do anything on Snow Leopard forcing me to power shut down. So I tried repairing permissions through disk utility and that turned out fine, I scanned the disk and it said there were errors that I needed to fix, so I tried booting up from the install cd and I would always wait 15 minutes before the mac screen of death pops up telling me I need to force restart my computer. Even in safe mode, it would freeze when trying to load up the login items. Can someone please help me solve this issue? It's rendered anything on Snow Leopard completely useless for me and I'm typing this on the same macbook pro but on my windows 7 partition which is working flawlessly for me.

17" 2.4 GHz MacBook Pro, 15" 3.06 GHz MacBook Pro Unibody 500 GB @ 7200 rpm, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    Even when I only boot up to use Firefox to view web pages, the browser will completely freeze come back up maybe 10-15 minutes later and then freeze seconds after I can use it again...

    Why do random errors like these keep happening on Mac OS X???
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    Exactly how did you install MS Windows? Did you use Boot Camp, Parallels or Fusion? If you used Boot Camp then it's possible it's related to the method you used to partition the HD or installing Windows.

    Please post back with details about the MS Windows installation.

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    I installed through boot camp a looong time ago, this issue with the Mac OS is very recent, just noticed it yesterday. The only similar problem I could think of related to this in the past year and a half I owned this machine is that everytime i try to search something in Spotlight it freezes everything and restarts finder making spotlight search completely useless for me.
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    In your original post you mentioned getting disk errors, screen of death taking 15 minutes to get. This makes me think the HD is getting ready to crash. Why it's only happening in OS X I don't know though. It's also possible you are having Kernel Panics which if not correctly quickly can result in fatally corrupting OS X. Where I'd start is by trouble shooting the hardware first and if that proves sound then trouble shooting software.

    On hardware first check the S.M.A.R.T. status of the HD, it should be Verified if it's not then you know for sure the HD has issues. If the S.M.A.R.T. status is OK that isn't any guarantee everything is fine. From there I'd recommend running Apple Hardware Test in extended mode to see if it can find any issues. If you aren't familiar with AHT here are instructions: