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I just received a new iPad, and all is well with the exception of syncing to iTunes. After originally pulling it from the box, I fired up iTunes on my computer, connected the iPad, and it was recognized. I then stepped through the registration process, naming the device, etc. However, on the final synching step, not only did my iTunes lock up, but the entire computer froze. I disconnected the iPad and did a hard reboot on my computer. Ever since then, the computer recognizes the iPad, but iTunes doesn't. Incidentally, my wife also received a new iPod, and I'm able to successfully sync that device. I'm running iTunes 10.

I just stepped through the iTunes Assistant to try and rectify the situation, but to no avail. I haven't proceeded to reinstalling iTunes, as I'd like to see if there is an alternate solution before going that route. Has anyone else experienced this situation? If so, are there any suggestions for fixing this? Any help is appreciated.

HP Pavilion DV7, Windows 7