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I have all mail messages stored locally "on my mac" by year since 2005. I have junk mail filtering turned on and seems to work quite well. What I can't understand is why some messages in my (folders saved by year) are marked by a solid brown highlight across. No, I'm not talking about the related messages option but instead a few messages here or there from various users are just highlighted. Is there a way I can turn this off? What could it be?


(MacBook] [iMac] [iPhone4] [iPhone3GS], Mac OS X (10.6.5)
  • Julie O Level 1 (115 points)
    You know, after messing with this for some time this afternoon I think I honestly figured out what this is all about just after I posted my own question.

    It has something to do with Junk Mail after all. If I took one of the "marked" messages and highlighted it as "Junk Mail", it then moved to the junk mail box locally. If I then highlighted the message inside the junk mail folder and clicked not junk mail, all color (the text and the solid "line" highlight) disappeared and dragged back into the local folder with no "solid" brown line.

    Hopefully that was it...