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When streaming HD (720p) video from iTunes on my iMac (2006 2Ghz Intel Core Duo) to my ATV2 it is painfully slow. So slow as to be unusable (watch 2 minutes, wait 5 minutes of buffering, watch 2 minutes...and so on). However, if I stream the exact same HD video from my iPhone 4 via AirPlay to the ATV2 it works perfectly. There's hardly even any initial buffering delay. The iMac, ATV2 and iPhone 4 are all on the same 802.11g WiFi network. What the **** could be causing such a difference in data transmission speeds between iMac and iPhone 4??

Is the AirPort in my iMac so much worse than the WiFi in my iPhone4?

2006 iMac 20", Mac OS X (10.6.5), iPhone 4 16Gb