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well i changed the battery because it would not boot up..now it boots up ONLY when plugged in...and if i unplug it (even with battery half full)..it dies and will not boot..

also when its plugged in and i wiggle the charging cable it dies ..iv tried many different cables...same results..help please

another interesting fact..when i unplug the charger from the WALL (not the iphone port)..it does NOT die..only when i remove from port even if its not plugged into the wall!

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iphone 3g 8gb, iOS 4, never dropped and no water damage
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    Sounds like a visit to the Bar is in your future.
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    thanks for the advise but frankly thats always a last option when you dont have insurance ..

    i fixed the problem..the problem was the USB port,,..very easy to replace ..took the whole assebly out of another iphone im using for parts and put it in..also have to make SURE the screws are correct..the long sxrew under the DO NOT REMOVE is very important turns out to be ...

    anyways it was a 10$ fix...

    works great now..ofcourse wished i hadent installed 4.2.1 on it...extremely slow