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I've had this G4 since they first came out and I've had the Leopard OS since it came out. I am just now experiencing a frustrating problem with my cursor. It freezes or just jumps around the screen when I try to use it. I've used the Apple+ the Esc. button to no avail. I wonder if I really picked up a true virus???I've used ClamAV to try to find the problem. One post said to re-install Adobe Reader. I did that and deleted Adobe prefs, but to no avail. I've used a different mouse, ran Utilities, changed USB ports-NOTHING!

As a last resort I've had to use a PC to make this post. Please help!!!!


1 G PowerMac G4 2G Ram, Mac OS X (10.4.11), 3 Hard Drives, iLife '08
  • gfclef Level 1 (80 points)
    I've found an unusual and impractical cure. While holding the mouse in my hand I found that it will work. It worked better by rolling it on my arm. I found an old mouse pad and it worked some of the time. It worked best on the arm, but that is not practical.

    I still need help. Suggestions please
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    Is this the original Pro Mouse ?

    My Pro mouse gave up some time ago.
    The issue is that the cable as it enters the mouse degrades and causes shorts that confuse the info going back to the computer.

    One of the Mags published a unsupported do-it-yourself "fix" of cutting the thing open and rewiring it (shortens the cable).

    It is drastic. Look at all the pics here

    7:16 PM Friday; December 24, 2010
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    Since you mention this issue occurs with your USB mouse, any mouse,
    and the cursor freezes at various moments during use, have you tried
    just the mouse and keyboard attached to the Mac and no other USB
    devices? There may be a problem in the load on the USB ports.

    The power limit on built-in ports, when shared over several peripherals
    does not go very far. And if using a powered USB hub, it may be bad.

    (And wireless bluetooth mouse/products have their own issues.)

    You need to have at least one backup Macintosh computer so your
    tired PowerMac G4 won't get PC envy when you revert to another
    computer to check things out or run other software; I have only four.
    The most Macs I had in one room at one time, that worked, was 75.
    Those weren't my daily use computers; donated others to charities.

    If your computer has more than a USB keyboard and USB mouse,
    you may have a situation going on with USB power from the board.
    Or something going on in the main power supply supporting USB.
    There should be a way to troubleshoot the issue further.

    Good luck & happy computing!
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    I Thank you 2 for taking the time out your schedules to help me, much appreciated.
    @Ralph Johns
    No, this was a Logitech mouse. Yes, I looked at the pix, quick impressive, but beyond me...too scary.

    Yes, I've attached the mouse and keyboard directly to the Mac - no change. You reminded me that I do have a wireless USB Mouse with my PC Laptop. I just tried it and it works (at least right now). I also swapped out this mouse for an old one that I had. It only worked when I shut down the Mac and started it with the old one attached.
    It appears that my Logitech mouse just died!!! Never had that experience before - 2 weeks of sheer agony!

    All the Best to ya both! Have a great 2011!

  • Ralph Johns (UK) Level 9 (71,094 points)

    I decided it was several Steps too far for me as well

    Glad to here that testing has pointed to where the issue is.

    Sounds like the computer is going to get a Christmas present.

    7:44 PM Saturday; December 25, 2010