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Instruction manuals for iPad strongly recommend removing "all cases" before charging iPad. I have the tight fitting standard case with hinged cover. This cover is difficult if not impossible to remove without damage. It is very thin and does not appear to cause excessive heat build up.

I assume this cover is excluded from this case removal requirement. Am I correct? Seems unacceptable to have to destroy a $25.00 case every time I charge the unit.

Ipad, iOS 4
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    I used that case for eight months without ever once removing it. Never had the slightest problem. This issue was posted by someone else a month or two ago. I have a "thermal leak detector" that measures surface temperatures so I aimed it at the iPad while in the case. The temperature increased only two or three Fahrenheit degrees after an hour of charging.

    I now have a ZAGGmate keyboard and I go back and forth frequently. I finally learned the best way to remove the Apple case. Obviously, you first pull the flap out. Then you push at the area of the volume and mute switches to get it started. Finally, grab at the other end and rock back and forth.
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    From what I read (I think it was Apple documents), the battery will have a shortened life if the unit gets too hot while recharging (this is over the long term). The bottom line is - the cooler the iPad can be kept during recharges, the longer the battery will last. If the case being used holds the heat, then you should consider removing it during charging.