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I've search throughout this forum and others and still having trouble with iTunes (v my parents' ATV (1st gen) to show up on the device list. Here's what I did so far: originally updated to the lastest iTunes (v 10) and ATV software. No luck. Disable firewall in XP and no luck. Check ATV and it can play movie trailer without a problem. It's connected via wireless with my parents network. From an internet connectivity side, the apple TV is working fine.
After reading other posts, people seems to have problems with the new iTunes 10, so I removed iTunes 10 and downgraded to iTunes 9. Again, no luck. During these countless failures, I have reboot iTunes and Apple tv multiple times without luck. I've even disable firewall in the router and even added port 5353 UDP in the computer firewall side. In iTunes 9 there is an apple TV tab in preference option and I was able to click to find apple TV so of course I click on it as well. In iTunes 10, there was no such tab though.
I just cannot get ITunes to recognize the Apple TV in the device list!! I'm getting so frustrated. I got this for them as an X-Mas gift. My Apple TV (1 gen) is functional at home so it's not that I never set this thing up before.

Please please help! The setup currently is: Windows XP SP3 with ITunes 9 and apple TV 1st gen 160gb. Please keep in mind that I've already tried updating to iTunes 10 and still no go...that's the reason why I downgraded to 9.

Mac Pro, Windows XP SP3